Our dogs are, first and foremost, members of our family.

Brigitte and Murphy

Brigitte Mills and Murphy with their "Pet Therapy Team" Certificate


Spirit Golden Retrievers is excited to post this accomplishment

and Congratulates Brigitte Mills and Murphy (a Lily x Dublin- Christmas

Star Litter puppy).


Brigitte Writes:                                                                                                       


Murphy will be volunteering for hospitals, children's library reading programs, Assisted Living Centers and Alzheimer's Centers, and possibly for an injured soldier program for those that are coming back from the war.


He is really young to be such a star graduate for this type of stringent program. He first had to go through a 9 week dog obedience training program to prep him for the next steps. After that, we had to make sure he would be ready to be tested for his canine good citizenship evaluation and certification. Then came the 9 weeks of Therapy Dog Training with a very strict but loving trainer here in Columbus. Fun loving trouble maker Murphy really knows his stuff now and was a quick learn. He completely changes into a dog of service when he steps foot into a facility to go to work which is what we call it.


He has learned to let his handler "me" or anyone else go into a door before he does or exiting the doorway, he is not bothered by ventilators or loud noises, he rides up and down easily in elevators and waits his turn to get on or off the elevator, he walks quietly on the side of the hallway, he comes to each person in a bed or wheelchair and sits quietly letting that person pet his head and body. In some cases, he goes under equipment, side tables, or around I.V. poles just to let patients pet his head all the while being gentle and careful.


Murphy has been trained to lay down by my side when we are visiting in a facility or in a children's reading program and not move until he is told to. He will also stay in position without moving if I move around the room always keeping his eyes focused on me and whoever else is in the room. He has not been trained to shake with his paw only because as a Therapy Dog he could injure an older patient's skin with the rough pads on is paws, so he will not shake.


He is an extremely patient and gentle soul and I believe he was put here for this purpose and for me to have as this type of pet. He truly is my best "canine" friend. A dog like I have never known. A gift from heaven and a dog that gives back so much every single day. He really lives to please the others around him like I have never seen a dog do. Our family is blessed to have Murphy and now many others are too.


Thanks Gayle,



Remy With His STAR Certificate



Remy With His S.T.A.R Certificate


Remy is owned by Debbie Lakins and is working his way towards his pet therapy certificate.  An up and comer, he is current working on his Dog Therapy certificate. 


Remy is a Lily Rose x Dublin puppy from the "New Years" litter.




Bella with her CGC certificate



Bella with her owner Diana, displaying her  

Canine Good Citizen certificate.


Congratulations to both of you.


Bella is a Lily x Dublin puppy from the "Thank You" litter.







February 28, 2016


Spirit Golden's is excited to share that Trace and his owner

Tamara passed the Therapy Dogs International test.

Way to go!  The two of you have a special spot in our hearts.


Spirit Golden Retrievers is so very proud of the accomplishments of all of the above owners and their dogs and how they are spreading joy and serving others.



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